14 New #Covid Cases in Orkney

The cumulative total of Covid cases recorded in Orkney is now at 5,181.

The stats for Scotland published on 26th of April 2022 on the PHS Covid-19 daily dashboard are as follows:

  • get your vaccine when offered to ensure you are fully protected
  • open windows when socialising indoors
  • wear a face covering in indoor public places and on public transport
  • wash your hands to protect yourself
  • take a PCR test and isolate if you have symptoms
  • take an LFD test before visiting someone in a hospital or care home

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  1. And meanwhile in the UK… the reported death numbers are still high… and I wonder how many will have occurred ‘under the radar’? It is by no means guaranteed that later deaths are always correctly reported with Covid on the certificate, for example if acute or chronic organ damage has been caused by prior infection which may even have gone unrecorded (not detected/not tested). Doctors are no clairvoyants, have been under constant stress for over two years… if someone’s life is shortened by the consequences of an early infection originating during the times when testing was not even available (or had beed stopped), doctors would have to guess and cannot know.

    And how on earth can the government expect advice from scientists if data is scarce and/or not compiled and political opportunism is a selfish driver which makes the government ignore a pandemic? They have pitted public health against the economy. This was shortsighted because the unfolding long term damage to the economy through the wrong public health responses will be felt for a long time.

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