Just A Reminder

By Bernie Bell

Our postal votes arrived……we filled them in……..and sent them off………

Please, folks – VOTE!  It’s how we can bring about change – and change is much needed in Orkney Islands Council.

Less business ‘deals’ and more care for Orkney and its people.

If you don’t agree, fair enough, but just remember the gravestones fiasco, the closure of Peedie Breeks, the stone from Oban (aka Coals to Newcastle), the closure of the abattoir, the ‘new ferry’ fiasco, the unwanted/un-useable bins, cutting staff in Care Homes …..and….and….and….

Please – VOTE!

We needed change last time, we need it even more this time.

Never mind if the person standing for Council is male or female, young or old, has political affiliations or is ‘Independent’ – please vote of those who will work in the interests of the people of Orkney, not for their own self-interest.  Please!


Anyone aged 16 or over on Thursday May 5th, resident in Orkney and registered to vote, will be able to vote. 

The candidates are:

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