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Learning From Other Islands & Our Nordic Neighbours

Writer and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch has updated her book ‘Riddoch on the Outer Hebrides’ .

Published by Luath Press on 20th June 2022

The book, which is the account of Lesley’s cycling trip around the Western Isles, is also a record of Hebridean people and culture.

The updated edition acknowledges the progress and momentous changes that the islands have seen since the book was first published including the important role of Community Land Buyouts.

Lesley who was in Orkney for the Folk Festival also met with some activists from campaigning group Yes Orkney. The informal ‘blether’ took place in The Orkney Club after Lesley had returned from a cycle trip round Rousay.

The discussion ranged over issues including: the housing problem, community participation in energy generation and the voting patterns in Orkney.

Mike Robertson for Yes Orkney commented:

“I don’t know whether it’s hubris or just a sense of isolation but we often say “that’s OK but it won’t work here”.  So, it’s good to meet somebody with first hand experience of things that have worked elsewhere to realise that, perhaps, we’re not as different after all.  Lesley’s knowledge of life in the Western Isles and Scandinavia must inspire us to consider their solutions to our problems.”

The audience were treated to a night of excellent music from some of Orkney’s local musicians.

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