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Orkney 2nd Highest Energy Bills In GB

Orkney households are paying £2504 on average per year for their energy, making the islands the second most expensive place in Great Britain for energy bills, behind only Shetland.

Out of 408 local authorities in Great Britain, Orkney came out as second most expensive.

The islands produce 120% of their own energy needs through renewables (mostly wind) and have an international reputation for world leading developments in the renewable energy sector. Despite that, the way the energy supply and distribution market is set up across Great Britain means that the islands are paying the second highest amount to keep their homes warm and the lights on.

According to data from comparethemarket.com, households in Orkney are already paying 49% more than the price cap that is set to be introduced in October this year.

The data also shows that people across Scotland are paying more on their bills than compared to England and Wales.

Commenting on the shocking figures, Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Emma Roddick said:

 “People across Scotland, including in Orkney, are paying the price for sky high energy bills, despite Scotland having an abundance of resources in oil and gas and renewables.

“Under Westminster control, the vast revenue from Scotland’s oil and gas industry has been squandered by UK governments for decades and now it is households in Orkney that are getting hammered with higher average energy bills, with bills here being the second most expensive in Great Britain.

“This is also a result of the outrageous and expensive transmission charges that are charged in Scotland for companies to access the national grid here.

“The measures announced by the Chancellor last month – welcome though they were – will barely scratch the surface of the rocketing energy bills crippling households now and in the winter months to come.

“High energy bills in Orkney and across Scotland lies squarely at the door of the Westminster government and shows why Scotland needs the full range of powers that will come with independence.”

In 2021 Scotland was a net exporter of electricity.

Scotland Energy Statistics March 2022

Scotland is producing massive amounts of this through renewable generation. In 2019 90% of Scotland’s electricity consumption was through renewables. By 2030 the Scottish Government aim to generate 50% of Scotland’s overall energy consumption from renewable sources

Scotland’s Energy Statistics March 2022

Why are householders in Orkney and in Scotland paying so much with many having to choose this winter between heating or eating?

This is the difference between GENERATION and SUPPLY. So although Scotland produces all this clean electricity, householders have to buy it from the energy suppliers in GB who are making massive profits from the hike in prices over this last year.

Fiona Grahame

Image credit Martin Laird

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  1. If the Scottish Government had full control over energy production and distribution, one can only imagine how much better things would be.

  2. All Orkney households should be able to access the power we are producing before it goes into the grid

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