#Covid Update 12th June 2022

There were 455 Covid related deaths across Britain last week. This is a decrease on the 600 from the week before.

As the publication of Covid statistics becomes less frequent by public health across the UK the virus is still very much in our communities and affecting the health and well being of people.

While most deaths due to COVID-19 have occurred among those aged over 80 years, the increased risk of death compared with flu and pneumonia has been greatest for those aged 40 to 79 years. In January 2021, when COVID-19 deaths were at their peak, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 was nearly 32 times higher than the number due to flu and pneumonia for this age group. Among those aged over 80 years, deaths due to COVID-19 were 16 times higher than those due to flu and pneumonia. ONS Whilst this is data for England , the trend is similar for Scotland

Infections of Covid-19 increased in Scotland in the week ending 5th June 2022 – 7,764 reported positive Covid cases. 969 (12.5%) of these were reinfections.

The highest number of Covid-19 cases were in the 30 -39 age group.

Proportion of COVID-19 cases by age group, weeks ending 22 May 2022 – 05 June 2022

Testing Waste Water

As fewer people test for Covid, outbreaks of the virus and general trends can be monitored by measuring concentrations of the virus in wastewater.

The image below shows the latest data (6th June 2022) for the area served by the Kirkwall sewage system.

Hospitalisations due to Covid

COVID-19 hospital admissions by age, weeks ending 03 May 2022 to 31 May 2022

In the week ending 5th June 2022, 614 Scots were in hospital because of Covid-19. This was a very slight decrease on the previous week.

Covid patients require isolation. This affects the provision of other hospital services. There is continued great pressure on our NHS. Some of the patients will be so ill because of Covid that they will require mechanical means to help them to breathe.

In the week ending 05 Jun 2022 there were 12 admissions to ICU, a decrease of 1 from the previous week (week ending 29 May 2022) when there were 13 admissions.

Vaccination has been very important in Scotland in limiting the number of deaths due to Covid. Vaccinated individuals can still be infected with COVID-19 and pass it on to others. The effectiveness of the vaccine wears off over time.

Long Covid

Long Covid will continue to be a serious condition.

An estimated 2.0 million people living in private households in the UK (3.1% of the population) were experiencing self-reported long COVID (symptoms continuing for more than four weeks after the first suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) infection that were not explained by something else) as of 1 May 2022 

Prevalence of ongoing symptoms following coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the UK: 1 June 2022

Long COVID symptoms adversely affected the day-to-day activities of 1.4 million people in the UK.

Covid Is Not Over

The number of people testing positive for the week ending 2nd June 2022 was as follows:

  • England: 1 in 70
  • Scotland: 1 in 40
  • Wales: 1 in 75
  • N Ireland: 1 in 65
  • get your vaccine when offered to ensure you are fully protected
  • stay at home if you’re unwell with symptoms or have a fever
  • open windows when socialising indoors
  • wear a face covering in indoor public places and on public transport
  • wash your hands to protect yourself

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