Is Mr. Fabricant Real?

By Bernie Bell

There is a Tory M.P. called Michael Fabricant, and I find it hard to believe that he is real.

I remember the first time I saw a picture of him, and I thought it was someone imitating Boris Johnson – and he was called Fabricant – definitely must be a spoof.  The kind of name that Charles Dickens would give a character like that – ‘Mr. Mendacious Fabricant’.

But no, he was real enough – hard though it was to believe.

He popped up again recently, doing an impression of Boris – saying Boris things – having Boris attitudes.  And again, I find it hard to believe that he is real – but he is – as real, or unreal, as the Government he belongs to – and as real, or unreal as the fabricator that he appears to be impersonating.

You never know – it could all be a huge hoax on the part of the alien race who are pulling our strings – that the Tories are still in power, that Boris is still in Number 10. 

Or, I’ll wake up, and it will all have been a dream – a fabrication.

Makes as much sense as anything else that is happening at the moment.

See what I mean? To be Boris – or not to be Boris? That is the question

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