The Waltons #OnThisDay

On 14th of August 1981 the last broadcast of The Waltons was aired on American TV channel CBS-TV.

The Waltons was a massive TV success story with its sugary coated story following the life of a family in the American Depression and up till World War Two.

Set in rural Virginia it was created by Earl Hamner Jr., based on his 1961 book Spencer’s Mountain and the 1963 film of the same name.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story was broadcast on December 19, 1971 on CBS and this then followed with a series – The Waltons with the same characters.

The ending became one of the catch phrases of TV where at the end of the day and the episode the family say goodnight to one another.

In the UK, the series was broadcast on BBC 2 and BBC 1 and during the 1970s/1980s – the first three seasons were broadcast on BBC 2 from February 18, 1974 to May 17, 1976, on Mondays at 20.00 GMT, and seasons 4 and 5 were shown on BBC 1 from September 5, 1976, to August 30, 1977, on Sundays at 16.10 in 1976 and Tuesdays at 19.00 through 1977. After that, seasons 6–9 would be broadcast on BBC 2 again, starting on April 30, 1979, and concluding in April 1983. The three reunion TV movies filmed in 1982 were also shown on BBC 2 from December 21 to December 28, 1983.The show was repeated on Channel 4 in the 1990s. It last aired on Sony Channel until March 31, 2020, in the UK. Wikipedia

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  1. The Royal Bank of Scotland used to have a £1 note with a panoramic drawing of Edinburgh Castle on the back. One often found them with added speech balloons saying, “Goodnight, grandpa”, “Goodnight, John-Boy”, etc..

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