‘Peter Rabbit’ #OnThisDay

On 4th of September 1893, Beatrix Potter first wrote about Peter Rabbit.

Whilst on holiday in Eastwood, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Beatrix Potter told the tale of Peter Rabbit in a letter to Noel, the son of  her former governess Annie Carter Moore.

This has since become one of the most famous letters in literary history and led to the publication of a series of books.

But it was a long journey to get to that point. In 1901 Beatrix Potter self published the story with her own drawings in black and white. These she gave out to friends.

Three dummy manuscripts created by Beatrix Potter to see how the printed book will look Image credit: User:Jack1956, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

It was not until October 2nd 1902, after the ‘book’ had been rejected by many publishers, that it was eventually put into print. It became an instant success.

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