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Proclamation of King Charles III Read Out in Kirkwall

On Sunday 11th of September announcements were made across Scotland of the accession of King Charles III.

In Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, just after 11am the King’s Body Guard for Scotland (Royal Company of Archers) and the Guard of Honour marched from the Castle Esplanade to the Mercat Cross. 

The main procession made its way from Parliament House to the Mercat Cross, consisting of:

  • His Majesty’s State Trumpeters
  • Moderator and Office Bearers of the Society of High Constables of Edinburgh
  • City Officer
  • Macer to the Court of the Lord Lyon 
  • Heralds and Pursuivants of Scotland
  • Lord Lyon King of Arms
  • City Mace and City Sword 

The Lord Lyon King of Arms then read the Proclamation to the people of Scotland, followed by a 21 gun salute from Edinburgh Castle.

The procession then made its way to Edinburgh Castle where The Lord Lyon read the second Proclamation.

The ceremonies announcing the new monarch use this old method of announcement because this tradition existed before we could all watch the events on our screens or mobile devices.

Orkney’s mercat cross in Kirkwall once stood at the foot of The Strynd but now a replica is located on the Kirk Green outside St Magnus Cathedral. The real mercat cross is within the cathedral.

The proclamation in Orkney commenced at 2pm. There was a parade from Kirkwall Town Hall of councillors, senior officials and other invited guests who took up positions outside the cathedral door. The crowd were then ushered forward to a lectern placed before the mercat cross to hear firstly a few words from Orkney’s Lord Lieutenant Elaine Grieve. Her words were about the late Queen Elizabeth. The Proclamation was then read out by Orkney Islands Council Convener Graham Bevan. The event was extensively covered by local media. The Orkney News livestreamed the proclamation to our Facebook page.

A proclamation

Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to call to His Mercy our late Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second of Blessed and Glorious Memory, by whose Decease the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is solely and rightfully come to The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George: We, therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm and Members of the House of Commons, together with other members of Her late Majesty’s Privy Council and representatives of the Realms and Territories, Aldermen and Citizens of London, and others, do now hereby with one voice and Consent of Tongue and Heart publish and proclaim that The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is now, by the Death of our late Sovereign of Happy Memory, become our only lawful and rightful Liege Lord Charles the Third, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of His other Realms and Territories, King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, to whom we do acknowledge all Faith and Obedience with humble Affection; beseeching God by whom Kings and Queens do reign to bless His Majesty with long and happy Years to reign over us.

Given at St. James’s Palace this tenth day of September in the year of Our Lord twenty thousand and twenty-two.


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  1. What a load of Medieval baloney.

    The title and position of Prince of Wales was put in place to remind the Welsh of their place – and that they were to keep it!

  2. Also, Scotland has never had a Charles the first or second, and where in all this hullabaloo has that been noted?

    • Indeed – and I’ve just prepared something for m’blog for tomorrow ( http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp in which I say…..

      “Then – there will be an investiture of the Prince of Wales, a title which is included among the British Royalty to remind the Welsh to know their place. To paraphrase Alec Ross’….. ‘Now eat your porridge”….Now eat your laverbread.

      I’d almost forgotten about the Duke of Edinburgh – the last Duke of Edinburgh lasted so long, but I suppose there will be a new Duke of Edinburgh to remind the Scots to know their place and …eat their porridge.”

      The original Princes of Wales were….. Princes, of the nation of Wales.

      The Dukedom of Edinburgh was first created on 15 July 1726 during the reign of King George I (say no more), who bestowed it upon his grandson, Prince Frederick (1707-1751), who became Prince of Wales three years later.

      Talk about keeping a grip on the subject nations

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