quisling is someone who helps an enemy army that has taken control of their country.[old-fashioned]

Synonyms: traitor, betrayer, collaboratorrenegade  More Synonyms of quisling

Collins Dictionary
Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway) from Oslo, Norway, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons Two girls in Bunad greet Reichskommissar Josef Terboven and Minister President Vidkun Quisling on 1 February 1942.

History does not look kindly on those who work for themselves against the best interests of a people. Vidkun Quisling’s name is now used to describe those who, whatever their excuse, collaborate with those who through mostly right wing policies, do harm to citizens of a country.

From 1942 to 1945, Vidkun Quisling served as Prime Minister of Norway and headed the Norwegian state administration jointly with the German civilian administrator, Josef Terboven. Quilsling’s pro-Nazi puppet government, known as the Quisling regime, was dominated by ministers from Nasjonal Samling. The collaborationist government participated in Germany’s Final Solution, a genocidal program targeting Jews. Wikipedia

This period in Norway’s history was recently captured in the film ‘The King’s Choice’. In this film we watch the run up to the invasion by Nazi Germany of independent Norway, the valiant efforts of Norwegians to resist this far greater force, those who collaborated and how the King of Norway Haakon VII made his choice.

“I am deeply affected by the responsibility laid on me if the German demand is rejected. The responsibility for the calamities that will befall people and country is indeed so grave that I dread to take it. It rests with the government to decide, but my position is clear.

For my part I cannot accept the German demands. It would conflict with all that I have considered to be my duty as King of Norway since I came to this country nearly thirty-five years ago” King Haakon VII

Those who are put in positions to lead always have a choice.

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