‘Capturing Ecology’ – Stunning Images From The British Ecological Society Photography Competition

The glowing golden eyes of a Helena’s Treefrog pierce the darkness as this frog perches on a mossy tree in the Peruvian jungle of Tambopata. Image credit: Roberto Garcia Roa and British Ecological Society

Overall winner: A light in the shadows, Roberto Garcia Roa: Roberto Garcia Roa is a conservation photographer and evolutionary biologist at Lund University. He said:

“This image reveals the beauty of nature hidden in Tambopata, a region that is currently threatened by gold mining. It is paradoxical to see the eyes of this frog as small golden pearls, because in reality, the true treasure lies in ensuring the protection of this area and its inhabitants.”

Frozen in time, this image captures a Steenbok’s last futile attempt not to become prey, while a mother Leopard is determined to feed her cub. Image credit: Peter Hudson and British Ecological Society

Overall Runner Up: Peter Hudson

Droplets of dew rest on the large oval wings of a Damon Blue butterfly resting on a stalk with its purple petals about to emerge. Image credit: Francesca Martelli and British Ecological Society

Category 1 – Up Close and Personal Student Winner: Francesca Martelli, Northumbria University,

A terrestrial hermit crab with its new home, a faded plastic bottle cap, explores a postcard perfect idyllic beach scene. Image credit: Andreas Eich and British Ecological Society

Category 4 – People and Nature, Winner: Andreas Eich, No-Trash Triangle Initiative

The 2022 Capturing Ecology Photography Competition was sponsored by Dryad.

You can view all the images here: Capturing Ecology 2022

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