Weather Forecast: Cold in the showery northerly that turns increasingly wintry.

Information from The Met Office

Today 6th December:

Feeling bitterly cold as strong northerly winds bring frequent showers, which gradually turn wintry, with snow across Shetland by late afternoon and sleet to Orkney. Maximum temperature 5 °C.


Wintry weather will dominate the Northern Isles with frequent showers, initially sleety across Orkney, otherwise of snow, brought on strong northerly winds. Minimum temperature -2 °C.

Wednesday 7th December: YELLOW WARNING SNOW

Wintry weather with frequent snow showers continuing to be driven over the Northern Isles on strong to near gale, biting northerly winds. Maximum temperature 3 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Continuing showery but with snow level lifting a little, showers at sea level will tend to be of rain. Strong northerly winds easing and turning southeast from late Friday.

Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Tue 6 Dec 2022

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