Gaelic Learners TV Programme Returns

For all the thousands who have taken up learning Gaelic, many through Duolingo, they will be pleased to learn that BBC Alba’s language learning programme has returned for a new series.

Tha SpeakGaelic na iomairt ionnsachaidh farsaing agus ioma-fhillte, a’ tabhann mheadhan cho iomlan ’s a th’ air a bhith ann fad ginealach airson Gàidhlig ionnsachadh.

The new series focuses on advancing language ability as Joy Dunlop and Calum Maclean work with intermediate level learners.

The series will feature speakers who have embraced the language, from new learners to native speakers looking to gain confidence and brush up on their skills and those who have built their language skills over time.

Accompanying the SpeakGaelic TV series, is a free online course where learners can learn at their own pace and a new series of the SpeakGaelic podcast  – presented by John Urquhart.  Thirteen episodes are available on BBC Sounds, with new weekly episodes of SpeakGaelic Extra being made available over the coming months.

Joy Dunlop said:

 “I’m so excited at the return of SpeakGaelic and to be taking our intrepid learners to a new level in their Gaelic journey.

“It’s such a pleasure to be involved in this multi-faceted project and to feel that we are supporting a whole new generation of new speakers.

“Their enthusiasm and love for the course is infectious and I hope that it helps inspire others to take the first step on their learning journey.”

SpeakGaelic season three airs on BBC ALBA every Monday at 7.30pm. The first 13 episodes in this series are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer as well as YouTube for international viewers.

Supporting materials can be found online:, via SpeakGaelic’s social media platforms and in the SpeakGaelic podcasts on BBC Sounds.

Calum Maclean said:

 “I’m delighted to be back on the road, exploring Scotland and meeting people from all over.

“From Parkour, to dinosaur footprints, and Morris dancing, there’s nothing I wouldn’t try at least once!

“I really enjoy connecting the activities and places with the Gaelic language and meeting other Gaelic speakers, too.”

Intrepid explorer Calum Maclean also features throughout the series.

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