Weather Forecast: Dry with some sunshine today.

Information from The Met Office

Today 1st April:

A dry day with some good spells of sunshine, although areas of cloud will be drift by at times through the day. Light mainly easterly winds. Maximum temperature 8 °C.


A dry evening and night with variable amounts of cloud and some lengthy clear periods. A cold night, touch of frost where skies remain clear. Light winds. Minimum temperature 2 °C.

Sunday 2nd April:

A dry day with some early brightness before it clouds over from the west. Light winds. Maximum temperature 8 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Dry and bright on Monday, freshening southerly winds by evening. Mainly dry, rather cloudy on Tuesday. Rain at times on Wednesday.

Updated: 05:00 (UTC+1) on Sat 1 Apr 2023

cartoon drawing of Edwin Harrold of the woodland at Happy Valley on his bicycle with the crow flying beside him and a little boy waving
image credit Martin Laird

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