Scottish Independence Campaigning Group Launches in Highlands & Islands

A new group campaigning for Scottish Independence has seen a rise in support over recent months and on 10th April 2023, Salvo Highlands & Islands formally launched their Hub, which brings together over 500 members across the Highlands, Orkney & Shetland, The Western Isles and Moray.

Logo for Alvo with a rampant lion forming the S. With the words People Power, Know your past shape your future

Salvo H&I Coordinator Sheila Adam explained:

“We’re now off to a flying start with 550 founding members across H&I, many of whom are very experienced Indy campaigners, folk who make connections, face to face, heart to heart.

“Because we’re understanding more about our legacy as a Sovereign nation, indeed one of the oldest and formerly most respected and advanced nations in Europe, a lot of Scots feel that is the best route to achieve Scottish self determination.

“Now that Salvo has such a solid foundation, we want to bring some healing and positive energy across the Scottish Independence Movement by reaching out to everyone who believes in Scottish self determination. Whether we belong to any political party or to no political party, every one of us has suffered since 2014 and it’s time to really move forward by making our case internationally.

“Join us at – and glimpse what life in Scotland should and could be like at

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