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Celebrating Scapa Flow 2023

To mark the 90th anniversary of the first flight from Inverness to Kirkwall – 8th May 1933 – the longest running passenger air service in Europe and the 78th anniversary of the opening of the Churchill Barriers – 12th May 1945, Another Orkney Production (AOP) have a series of events, Celebrating Scapa Flow 2023.

There are two talks on the 12th and 13th May at the Orkney Arts Theatre. 

The Creation of Airline Services in the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland: Impact and Legacy

A talk by Professor Andrew Rae, University of the Highlands and Islands ( UHI ) on Friday 12th May, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of passenger air services within Scotland and the 90th anniversary of the Highland Airways service from Inverness to Kirkwall .  This talk is sponsored by Highland Park who  played an important part in the story of Highland Airways and Ted Fresson’s search for a suitable airfield. 

The Churchill Barriers. Looking back at the first 77 years and forward to their centenary.

A talk by Neil Kermode on Saturday 13th of May. The opening of the Barriers Exhibition will be taking place that afternoon in Holm.

In addition to the talks,the unveiling of the National Transport Trust plaque awarded to the Barriers will take place at 11am on 12th May at Celina Rupp’s.

More events to follow.

Kirkwall airport terminal from the front with the statue which is a tribute to Fresson

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