Weather Forecast: Largely dry and bright on Wednesday, but a few showers.

Information from The Met Office

Today 23rd August:

A bright day with some sunny spells and mainly dry, but there will be the odd shower around, most of these light, but Orkney could see a sharp shower in the afternoon. Southwesterly breeze easing and turning more southerly later.6 Maximum temperature 17 °C.


Scattered showers into the night, but cloud gradually increasing and winds will turn southeast. This will bring outbreaks of rain to Orkney, with some heavy rain by the morning, Minimum temperature 11 °C.

Thursday 24th August:

Heavy, showery rain over Orkney will gradually spread into Shetland and Orkney will become drier and perhaps brighter in the afternoon. Winds freshening as they turn easterly. Maximum temperature 16 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Heavy, showery rain across Shetland slowly easing on Friday, but some heavy showers likely to develop over Orkney, Mainly cloudy with lighter showers Saturday. Brighter Sunday, but patchy rain later.

Updated: 05:00 (UTC+1) on Wed 23 Aug 2023

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