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Designing an Island Games Mascot #Orkney2025

The search is on to design a mascot for the Orkney International Island Games, which will be held in 2025.

A competition is about to be launched in the county’s schools, with the winning entry chosen for what will be the biggest event held in the islands.

“Throughout the history of the games the host island has always chosen a mascot for their event, and Orkney will be no different” says the games director, Kirsty Talbot.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to tap into the creativity of the children and young people in Orkney, it can be whatever they want, but as Guernsey used a Puffin called Jet, both of those ideas are ruled out. We’re launching the competition through the primary and secondary schools but we welcome entries from home as well, and the entry forms will be available on the games website http://www.orkney2025.com”

person dressed up as Jet the Puffin surrounded by Orkney competitors in Guernsey
Jet The Puffin – The Mascot of the Guernsey Island Games

The organisers say that they want the mascot to reflect Orkney.

Kirsty says “Orkney is a special place and we’re keen to see what the young people will come up with”.

The competition opens on Friday, 1st September. The entries, along with a name, have to be submitted by the 29th of September. Once a winner is chosen, the concept will be developed and used for merchandise, as well as a full size mascot which will be cheering on the competitors during the games, so it will probably be the most photographed thing during the six day event, which should be tremendously exciting for the winner.

Entry forms will be available on the games website, orkney2025.com

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