Corrimony Chambered Cairn, Glen Urquhart

the little bridge over the burn with the Corrimony Cairn signpost and the mound in the background.

The 4,000 year old Corrimony Cairn is what is known as a Clava Style of cairn. It consists of a circular structure piled high with carefully placed stones. Around its outside are standing stones.

the large mound with its cover of rounded stones and the low entrance way

The structure now has no roof but the huge stone which once capped it is still there and in the past cup marks could be seen on it. To enter you need to crawl through a short tunnel but the space inside is circular and well built.

The monument is in the care of Historic Environment Scotland and is well maintained with a car park near by.

The grave was excavated by Professor Piggot, during the summer of 1952. 

the notice board at the Cairn

Visitors are asked not to climb up the cairn but there is evidence that they are ignoring this and you can see where they have scrambled to the top.

The roof inside the cairn was corbelled and topped with one single large stone. Then the whole structure was covered with the rounded stones. It would have been not just an impressive and skilled monument but rather beautiful.

The inside had a cobbled floor.

When you visit this monument think of it set within the context of the surrounding landscape which was and still is a fertile valley. One can only wonder at the people that must have lived and farmed in this valley 4,000 years ago and of the person the cairn was constructed for.

Fiona Grahame

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