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Feminist Activism Workshop Success

At the weekend ORSAS (Orkney Rape and Sexual Assault Service) welcomed the Mockingjays – a  group of activists from RASASH (Rape and Sexual Assault Service Highland) up to Orkney to run a series of feminist activism workshops.  Over a dozen folk – as well as ORSAS staff – enjoyed a weekend of fun, meaningful chat alongside banner, poster and ‘Zine’ (mini magazine) making.

a group of women, the Mockingjays, feminist action with a display of the posters and art done at the workshop in Orkney

The Mockingjays originally formed after first meeting a zine workshop delivered by Rape Crisis Scotland in Inverness in 2022.

Jo, from the Mockingjays said,

“The women in the group found this first  workshop so impactful, as it made them feel less isolated.  The zines produced from that workshop have been distributed in G.P surgeries, psychologists offices, hairdressers, sport centres and swimming pools throughout Highland. 

“And from that came the notion of a quiet revolution to challenge misogyny and sexual violence  – hence the name Mockingjays.  The group wanted to share the experience they had at the zine workshop with other women, especially those in rural communities so they know they aren’t alone. 

“The Mockingjays applied for Rosa funding and were awarded £7k to deliver activism and zine workshops in remote and rural areas and we chose Orkney as the first place to go and were delighted to deliver a banner making, zine and train the trainer workshop in collaboration with ORSAS over 3 days.”

Group members are Helen, Lorna, Siobhan, Jo & Shanita (Shanita wasn’t able to attend the Orkney workshops).

Zelda Bradley, Service Director at ORSAS added “it was a fantastic opportunity to share expertise between our two groups.”

The workshop in Orkney was a great success.

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