Community-Led Housing Development Central to Scot Gov’s New Plan

Community-Led Housing and the needs of rural and islands communities are to get much needed support in a new Housing Plan published by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government has pledged to deliver 110,000 affordable homes by 2032, with 10% in rural and island areas.

Paul McLennan, Housing Minister in the Scottish Government said:

“The Rural and Islands Housing Action Plan includes a range of commitments which will be taken forward with public and private sector partners to deliver the right homes in the right places, generate sustainable local economic growth and help rural and island communities to thrive.

Paul McLennan Scottish Government Housing Minister

“This plan supports Scotland’s long term housing strategy Housing to 2040 and will help bolster the commitment to deliver 110,000 affordable homes up to 2032, of which 70% will be for social rent and 10% in rural and island areas. It has been informed by extensive engagement with a wide range of organisations representing rural and island housing interests. 

“Despite the challenges we face due to Brexit and high inflation, this plan demonstrates our continued commitment to supporting families, communities and businesses, and to unleashing the full economic potential of our rural and island areas.”

 70% of the 110,000 houses will be for social rent.

 Paul McLennan stated in his foreword that :

“Community-led housing plays an essential role in our broader approach to delivering more affordable homes. Our Rural and Islands Housing Fund is now a recognised feature of our Affordable Housing Supply Programme and is continuing to provide funding support to communities and organisations to deliver more affordable homes.”

The Plan which was developed after extensive consultation will require a collaborative approach by all in both the private and public sector.

Strong collaboration will be needed too with:

  • local authority housing, planning, and economic development officials to ensure close joint working in support of housing, economy, and place ambitions.
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise and South of Scotland Enterprise 

Highlands and Islands

A Housing sub-group of the Regional Economic Partnership has been established via the Convention of the Highlands and Islands. The group, facilitated by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, includes representatives from local authorities, the Scottish Government, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, Scottish Futures Trust, Community Land Scotland. This group will look at all the economic opportunities and challenges in delivering the affordable housing in their region.

The building of 110,000 affordable homes by 2032 could support a total investment package of around £18 billion and up to 15,000 jobs each year.

new houses in Kirkwall
Orkney Housing Association New Builds Kirkwall

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