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Places I have been:- Ouagadougou

the city scape of Ouagadougou with lots of high rise block type buildings

Sometime ago I travelled to Burkina Faso for work. This is a description of what happened and how I saw the trip. It has some humour is has some observations about the country or more specifically the Capital Ouagadougou. Things almost certainly will have changed since then, some for the better some for the worse, the country is now influenced by the Wagner Group.

Sgathaich: Tomo-Chan is a Girl

screen shot from the anime of Tomo and her male friend walking together through a street

Originally a 4-koma or four panel manga series well known to be the go-to format for comedy. ‘Tomo-Chan is a Girl’ tells the story of Tomo Aizawa. A tomboyish red head who has just declared her love to long-time friend Junichiro Kubota.. who just laughs it off as if she was playing with him like a good old chum.