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Lost on the Moon

In 1964, in the Daily Express, Sydney Jordan’s ‘Jeff Hawke’ strip ran a story called ‘Moonstruck’. Detail from ‘Moonstruck’, story and art by Sydney Jordan, Daily Express, 23/10/64 – 11/12/64, reprinted in William Rudling, ed., The Lunar 10, Jeff Hawke Club, 2007. “The ‘Jeff Hawke’ title is the copyright of The Daily Express and created by Sydney Jordan. “

The Ownership of the Moon, Part 1

“In Man and the Planets  (Ashgrove Press, 1983)  ASTRA tried to show that any constructive approach to lunar development must include provision for independence and for Earth-Moon system federation, as a prelude to Solar System federation, and with the Moon as the most likely future seat of government “