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The Science of the Sun #OISF

close up section of the Sun

Without it we wouldn’t be here at all, as it is responsible for Earth’s creation and ongoing development, which includes us as temporary tenants, and one day in the far future it will likely be responsible for the destruction of the Solar System when it runs out of hydrogen, becomes a red giant which will likely swallow us up before collapsing inward, exploding and throwing the remaining planets into space after roasting them and drenching them with huge amounts of radiation that even Factor 5 million sunscreen and a duffle coat wouldn’t stop. 

Why I Don’t Play the Machines

“In early 1967 the late Prof. Oscar Schwiglhofer , founder of the Scottish Branch of the British Interplanetary Society which by then had become independent as ASTRA, was given the chance to use a simulation of a Moon landing on a Strathclyde University computer programme.”