Featured Poet: Paul Colvin

The Orkney News is inviting people to submit their poems for print perhaps with a little background information telling us what led them into writing poetry.

In this issue we are introducing Scottish Poet, Paul Colvin.

Paul was born in Glasgow and moved to London in 1980. He first started writing poetry on the morning of 28th September 2008. He remembers the date well as he was back in Glasgow for his sister’s 60th birthday.

He subsequently met up with an old friend for a catch up, and he remembers fondly standing at his sister’s back door the next morning, where he wrote a poem named ‘McDonalds Land’ and  although he classes this as his first poem, he had written some around 15 years previously.

yesnaby-001Buying Orkney jewellery as family presents led to Paul’s fascination with the islands. The Orkney News is delighted to be able to share the poetry of Paul Colvin with you.


An Orkney Odyssey

Bending boughs bow down before, autumn’s rippling breeze

As whispering winds pass slowly through, the red and ochre leaves

Long green grasses swing and sway, to show alternate hues

Dark then light green, hillsides move, and paint us stunning views.


The ever-changing autumn sun, casts many different shades

Idyllic landscapes burst with life, until the daylight fades

Pastures  with their rolling hills, grand and yet mysterious

As looming storm clouds take their place, looking grim and dangerous.


As darkness falls, they disappear and blend into the night

But the artistry of this rugged land, paints another wondrous sight

For in the sky, a million stars are twinkling as they dance,

Eating up the blackest night whilst the heavens they enhance.


On a clear day, climb the highest top and afford yourself a view

Unlike any seen before, it’s waiting there for you

Blue waters cut through Highland hills, red braes and purple heather

Blue skies with the sun on rise, commanding Scottish weather.


The deepest blue, white crested waves, roll in on whitest sand

Driftwood floats from far off shores, caressing unspoilt land,

The enigma that is Orkney, pure mystique within a shroud

Where Norse and Scots, stand side by side and rightly, fiercely proud.

by Paul Colvin (17/11/09)



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  1. Thank you so much to all concerned. I am very honoured and humbled that you should feature one of my poems in The Orkney News. Thank you once again, you’ve made my day. Paul x

    • We hope you will let us share more of your poems Paul. Scotland needs the poets now more than ever

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