Introducing Orkney Opinionator: David Martin MEP


David Martin MEP

David Martin is a Labour Member of the European Parliament for Scotland. He is member of the International Trade Committee, the Human Rights subcommittee, and a substitute member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He is also the Socialist and Democrat Group spokesperson for trade.


His areas of interest include development and aid for trade, global access to medicine, human rights, animal welfare and action at EU level to improve the environment and tackle Climate Change.

 Having represented Scotland in the European Parliament since 1984, working to promote a positive role for Britain as an active member of the EU, David was of course disappointed and saddened by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. As a Labour MEP for Scotland David is first and foremost a representative of the Scottish people, the same Scottish people who voted by a two thirds majority to remain a member of the European Union. While still engaging in his Parliamentary activities during the time the UK remains a member, David also believes that over the coming months and years there will be much work to be done to safeguard Scotland’s economic interests in Europe and to protect the rights that Scots currently enjoy as European citizens. After the last year’s EU referendum result the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon asked David to join her all-party expert panel on the EU and Scotland.


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