End of Mobile Roaming Charges in EU

Mobile roaming charges for EU consumers is set to end on June 15, 2017, enabling them to call and transfer data across borders from another EU member state for the same cost as at home.


EU mobile roaming charges to end

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri speaking for the EU Parliament, said:


“People all over the EU have waited for us to drop roaming charges in June 2017. Now all the negotiations are ready and we can deliver what was promised. Like consumer organizations all over Europe, we, too, see this as a great victory for the European consumers.”

“The agreed caps ensure cost coverage for efficient operators throughout Europe but are low enough to sustain competition on the European telecom markets”, she added.

The agreement still needs to be formally approved in the EU by the Industry Committee, Parliament as a whole and national ministers before entering into force.

The UK Government is set to trigger Article 50 in March and will have a period of 2 years to negotiate leaving the EU.  It is not known if roaming charges will be covered during the negotiations.

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