77% of Managers, Directors and Senior Officials in Orkney are Men

Local MSP John Finnie has  welcomed the publication of a report commissioned by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), which examined  Occupational Segregation in the Highlands and Islands.

The report shows that in Orkney  men are much more likely (77%) to be in the top jobs. Women are also more likely to be in part time lower paid employment and to have family caring responsibilities.


John Finnie MSP

John Finnie, SGP MSP said:

“I welcome the publication of this important report, which coincided with International Women’s day. The research demonstrates that there is much work to be done if we are to end gender based inequality in the Highlands and Islands.”

The report recommends:

“initiatives must be implemented to tackle occupational segregation. The significant gender gaps show that further action is required in each area to achieve a greater gender balance in different types and levels of jobs.”

” There is a need for a region-wide strategic approach to address segregation and this will require buy-in and involvement of partners in local areas. To be successful, all relevant players must take ownership of the issue and of being part of the solution. Also, in developing the actions flowing from this research, it may be that between areas, some interventions will differ in focus to reflect local circumstance, the profile of the business base and the particular workforce characteristics”.

John Finnie said:

 “I am particularly supportive of the recommendation for a region-wide strategic approach to the issue and I hope this can be brought forward as soon as possible.”

Women’s Low Pay: Families in Poverty

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