Update: Phil’s Walk for Christine

Phil Godfrey, 67, is  walking 1,400 miles from the Isles of Scilly to the Shetland Isles in memory of his wife Christine who was diagnosed with APS in 2005 and who passed away in January 2015.

Not a good day

Patrick and I left Port Issac in thick fog and took the road out towards Delabole. The fog carried on throughout the day which made walking  even on  the B roads quite hairy.

After a good lunch we walked on through the village, until the left calf muscle had a severe pain explosion and walking became very difficult indeed.

Fortunately we were on a bus route and caught a bus after about 15 minutes to Camelford, changed to a bus to Boscastle.

Am now resting my leg and hoping that tomorrow’s ŕest day will allow it to improve.

We can but hope

Support Phil’s Walk for Christine

The Orkney News is following  Phil’s blog here and you can too: https://scilliestotheshetlands.wordpress.com

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