Applications Open to Support Low Carbon Innovations

Projects that have the potential to increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and boost local economies will be able to apply for up to £100,000 from the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP).

The LCITP  launched in March 2015,  is a working partnership between the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Futures Trust and sector specialists. It has a range of measures  to support the development of substantive private, public and community low-carbon projects across Scotland.  The partnership is supported by the new 2014 – 2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme and has a total of £76 million to invest in low carbon infrastructure projects of which £33 million is provided through ERDF. The Scottish Government, the lead partner in the project, has committed European funds to projects up until the end of 2018.

The first project in the Highlands and Islands to benefit from support offered through the programme is the West Harris Trust. The Trust are currently taking forward an ambitious local energy project to investigate the feasibility of installing an array of small scale wave energy units in the Sound of Taransay. The West Harris Trust was formed when 5 crofting townships were purchased by the local community from the Scottish Government in January 2010.

The wave energy generated through this initiative could power and increase the sustainability of the new community enterprise centre and social housing units which are also being developed. The wave energy will be integrated with a small wind generator and innovative storage devices to ensure that power can be supplied on a continuous basis to customers across the site. The project will be managed by West Harris Renewables Ltd.

Minster for Business, Innovation and Energy for the Scottish Government, Paul Wheelhouse said:

“Our recently published draft Energy Strategy sets out our vision for 2050 for Scotland to have a modern, integrated energy system that delivers reliable, low carbon energy at affordable prices to consumers in all parts of Scotland.”

“The low carbon and renewable energy sector has been a major driver of Scotland’s economy in recent years, supporting 43,500 jobs. Many of these are in rural areas, where we have developed expertise in solar, wave, offshore wind and tidal, as well as more established technologies such as hydro and onshore wind.”

And he added:

“We can be proud of our innovative culture and this fund will help continue to build the right environment to develop more new ideas, supporting rural communities across Scotland with investment and the creation of further high-value jobs.”

How to Apply

Applications for project development support are accepted from organisations such as:

  • SMEs
  • Non SMEs
  • Community groups
  • Registered charities
  • Third Sector
  • Community Benefit Societies
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • Public sector organisations
  • Registered Social Landlords
  • Academic institutions

Application and more information on LCITP

Highlands and Islands Community Energy 

West Harris Trust


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