Weather Watchers: April


Tulips in the Snow 24/04/2017 (Monika Armet)


A Spring Day in Orkney 24/04/2017 (Monika Armet)


Kirk Park Orphir 24/04/2017 (Monika Armet)

tulip in snow

I’m Still Standing 24/04/2017 (F Grahame)

daffs in snow

Daffs in snow 24/04/2017 (F Grahame)

art in Stromness 2

Stromness Beach Art (photo F Grahame) 21/04/2017

art in Stromness

Stromness Beach Art (photo F Grahame) 21/04/2017

Kitty & Sandy's Seat

Stromness scene 15/04/2017 (photo F Grahame)

panoramic of West Mainland

Panorama of the West Mainland 16/04/2017 (photot K Armet)

West mainland 2 K Armet

Easter Sunday oot West 16/04/2017 (photo K Armet)

West Mainland K Armet

Oot West Easter Sunday 16/04/2017 (Photo K Armet)

April 4th

Stromness 04/04/2017 (photo F Grahame)

April 1st 2017

Stenness Loch 01/04/2017 (photo F Grahame)

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