Andrew Appleby: A Wild Thing a Day

I love foraging! I’m not the best, nor the most knowledgeable, but I have found eating a wild ingredient each day keeps me healthier.


I nipped into the garden and gathered early dandelion leaves. Our neighbour has an abundance of chives. A fist full of them and then very early furry mint shoots.

Off to the kitchen. Washed and placed on a board, I chopped them. This lets the juices flow and mix with the dressing I flung on. {White wine vinegar, walnut oil a little brown sugar to reduce sharpness and some mustard powder to emulsify.}

I’m leaving it standing until this evening, when we will have baked Westray skate wings

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  1. Mike’s Dad used to have a row of dandelions in his veg patch, on purpose. He didn’t let them go to seed, as they would have taken over the garden! He used the leaves as salad leaves, especially the young ones. A left-over from the war years and ‘make do and mend’. These things are being lost and forgotten – but it’s free food!

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