Orkney Smoked Cheddar Sales Set for US Boost

Orkney Smoked cheddar , as part of the new Scottish Dairy Brand, has struck a deal with distributor partner Atalanta forecasting returns over the next three years of £1.6 million. 

All in all, Scottish food and drink companies have secured £8m of export sales to North America. The news comes as it was announced that Scotland’s total food and drink exports to North America reached £1 billion in 2016, with the US topping food and drink export markets.

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, welcomed the news during a food and drink showcase to over 100 North American buyers and industry influencers in New York on the 6th of April during ‘Scotland Week’.

Scotland Food and Drink Showcase

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon attends the Scotland Food & Drink Showcase in New York. (photo Scot Gov)

Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The news that Scottish business is thriving and securing multi-million pound contracts is fantastic, and it is especially encouraging to see so many independent businesses doing so well.”

“The links between Scotland and the USA have always been strong, and today’s announcement shows that they will continue for years to come.”

Dr Lena Wilson, Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise, said:

“Our Food & Drink industry is going from strength to strength and it is really encouraging to see continued export success in North America. We have been working with our Food & Drink partners across Scotland to open doors for companies with international ambitions.”

“This Showcase demonstrates Scotland’s credentials as a ‘Land of Food & Drink’ – showcasing the best we have to offer, from our traditional Scotch whisky and salmon through to newer flavours on the global menu, such as small-batch gins, craft beers and artisan cheeses. It provides a strong platform to raise our profile in this key market and generate additional business for companies and income for Scotland.”

Scotland’s food exports to the US were valued at around £79.9 million in 2016, up 21% from 2015. In 2016, the US ranked 4th in Scotland’s food exports markets.

Scotland’s food exports to Canada were valued at around £21.2 million last year, up 34% from 2015.

As in previous years, Scotch whisky exports accounted for the majority of Scotland’s food and drink exports to North America, valued at £855.6 million in the US and £73.6 million in Canada.

Scotland’s total food and drink exports to the US were valued at around £935.5 million last year, up £21 million on 2015. Canada has also seen growth with food and drink exports valued at around £94.8 million last year, up 2% from 2015.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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