Weighty Winkle Wisdom

For people who worry about their weight and who are constantly going on diets one local woman has the answer. Sheila Fithliss, 63, has designed an eating and exercise regime guaranteed to lose you pounds. And it uses local produce.

Sheila’s diet is based around winkles. Sheila eats 3 buckets of winkles a week which she harvests by roaming the beaches of Orkney at low tide. The winkles contain all the sustenance Sheila needs in the day and she has lost 3 lbs since beginning the diet as her New Year’s resolution.


Destined for Sheila’s lunch (© Copyright Galatas)

Winkles were once common fare amongst the poorer people of the islands and coastal communities but have now become something of a luxury ingredient in recipes by top chefs like Ben Le Kitchen. This is mainly due to the fact that no one can be bothered spending their day in wellies hauling buckets across wet sands.

The Orkney News caught up with Sheila Fithliss as she scoured the shores of Birsay for her lunch.

“Basically they are snails which the French are very fond of and that is where I get the inspiration for my recipes from. Once I have collected 3 buckets I can transport them home in the car. Then I prepare them from cooking.”

Neighbour and local antiquary Cygnet Swanson said:

“Well it’s made a big differ in the parish as we are now a top spot for ornithologists keen to see the amazing flocks of sea birds that now gather in her driveway.”

Sheila is also undeterred by the recent visit she had from the council’s environmental health officers who were alerted to her property by visitors to the islands concerned about the aroma wafting from her car.

Sheila said:

” I will not be harassed by tin pot lackies of the establishment. My friend has commented that with this diet I look no more than 60. It has shed years off my appearance.”

A statement released by the council said:

“We are aware of the issues around the property in question and will be consulting with all stakeholders before launching a survey for all the public to have their say.”

The Orkney News wishes Sheila Fithliss all the best in her endeavours to improve her health and wellbeing.  Should you wish to support Sheila’s work directly and become more involved in her diet regime then there are several houses on the market now in her locality.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay

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  1. OIC, keep your nosy snouts out as far as I can gather she is not cooking and selling them to anybody. You’d probably be better employed ensuring pot-holes are repaired!!!

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