Poi Faosst: Ywen Craube Reveals All

Many people have not heard of the ancient Japanese combat art of Poi Faosst but folks in Orkney will soon be very familiar with it. Millionaire Ywen Craube  plans to hold an International Martial Arts competition. Although still shrouded in secrecy The Orkney News believes the chosen location is on the island of Switha. Hundreds of competitors have already signed up for the event through an online booking system.

What is Poi Faosst?

The ancient Japanese combat art of Poi Faosst dates back as far as the 2nd Century AD when it was used in many a battle between the forces of Emperor Tchao and those of the Vergani People. It consists of a complex series of moves involving kicks and lasso type weaponry.


competitors use a mixture of kicks and rope techniques

Banned worldwide in conflicts because of its danger to cattle caught up in its rope techniques it has now become popular as a martial art for competition purposes only. Exponents of the art are able to demonstrate their dexterity with ropes whilst balancing and pirouetting on one foot.

The Orkney Event

The competition in Orkney is thought to be the first of its kind in the Western World. Ywen Craube who made millions in the selfie stick industry is confident that diversifying into martial arts events will be a successful move for him. Commenting at the weekend Ywen said:

“The island is an ideal setting for this event as we need a location that it takes competitors a bit of effort to get to. The Battle Arena will be constructed using a local firm bringing 2 jobs to Orkney. I am expecting there to be huge ticket sales when it  goes online tomorrow.”

But objections have been raised by local worthie Mrs Flett McGinty, 69, who said:

“Well I am most concerned. This island is uninhabited noo by humans but its an important home for many birds and animals. I am also concerned that the construction of the Battle Dome will disturb a lot of plants. I have launched an online petition to get it halted.”

There are supporters of Ywen Craube who are looking forward to the masses of visitors flocking to watch the spectacle. Cygnet Swanson who runs a small ferry business said:

“I think it is a cracking idea. This is what Orkney needs, more sports events for the young to participate in and keep them off the violence of online games. I will be running my peedie ferry to and from the islands on the day, cash only, to help folk get to it.”

Ywen Craube’s Battle Dome will be financed through a special deal with the Scottish Government on a BOGOF arrangement which sees the millionaire putting up 2% of the finances. In the news recently for his controversial plans to construct an underground facility for his advanced computer technology, Ywen is certainly the one to get things kick started for this martial art.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay


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