Poetry Corner:Prince by Bernie Bell

Prince Rogers Nelson died just over a year ago, but it was only yesterday evening that I could face watching a recorded television programme about his life.

This prompted these words, and I want to say, if any of you see anyone so tensed-up, so obviously un-happy, please, please, don’t let your own fears stop you from reaching out to them – holding their hand.
Boy is lonely on a burning hot summer night
He’s looking 4 some action, he’s looking 4 a fight
He’s looking 4 a saviour in a city full of fools
Maybe he just needs a good talker to give him a good talking 2.”  (Prince)
He’s broken the pattern.
He’s free.
His friends hurt
That he died alone.
But it was the only way he could do it.
His choice.
Prince_at_Coachella_001 Micahmedia at en.wikipedia


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