Letters: I Did Not Vote for Donald Trump

Dear Orkney News

I will be visiting your beautiful islands next month, but before I arrive, I want you to know that I did not vote for Donald Trump and I do not support any of his policies.

I also apologize profusely for his actions today withdrawing us from the Paris Climate Accords. The vast majority of Americans support the Accords and many of us will do whatever we can at our state and local levels to help end climate change.

So, if you meet me on my travels, please don’t hate me because I am from the States.

Thank you, Kate Greene

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  1. We won’t! You’re not just where you come from, you’re simply you, too. Just be you, with good intent, and if anyone judges you for being from the States – that’s their problem.
    At the root of it – you’re you – that’s the main thing to be.

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