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Fans of Game of Stones will be excited to know that filming of several episodes of the top fantasy drama is to take place in Orkney. And the Director Guy Patchie is wanting to recruit locals as extras.

The long running drama based on a series of books ‘A Song of Wind and Rain’ has won many awards and its settings are spectacular. But Why set some of the scenes in Orkney? The Orkney News caught up with Guy Patchie in his Malibu home.


The Dreich weather of Orkney (F Grahame)

” We needed somewhere kinda a bit miserable looking and dreich. My compadre Julian immediately suggested Orkney where he had an unfortunate camping experience in the summer of 1996. I took a flying visit up there last week in my personal jet and I was convinced Orkney was the place to set these important scenes.”

When asked what the scenes were Guy played his cards close to his 6 pack but was able to say this.

“One or two folk have read the books so they will already know that the last surviving character from volume 1, Fens Wake, ends up questioning his own existence. The weather in Orkney was the deciding factor in choosing where to set this crucial bunch of scenes.”

Local folk who would like to get the chance to be filmed have to fit certain criteria specified by Guy.

  • Demeanour: miserable
  • Hair: windswept
  • Height: 5’2″- 5’4″
  • Gait: louping
  • Stance: leaning to Westeros

All those who are interested should continue to follow The Orkney News where details of how to apply will be exclusively published soon.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay


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