Finnie Secures Commitment on Jobs’ Dispersal

Local MSP John Finnie, Scottish Greens, has secured agreement from the Justice Secretary in the Scottish Government, Michael Matheson, that as a general principle public bodies should seek to disperse personnel to areas like Inverness.

The commitment came during Topical Question Time in the Scottish Parliament when the closure of the Inverness police control room was being discussed.

Mr Finnie asked the Justice Secretary if he believed that public bodies including Police Scotland should take the opportunity to disperse jobs to areas like Inverness “when opportunities and technology exists.”

The Cabinet Secretary agreed.

Mr Finnie commented:

“I believe that the closure of the police control room in Inverness is a backward step for communications. However, I was pleased that the Justice Secretary agreed with me that public bodies, including Police Scotland, should seek to disperse more of their staff to Inverness.”

“I also welcome Michael Matheson’s word’s about the future of the site which will house Scotland’s National Database Enquiry Unit securing jobs in Inverness.”


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