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newspapersThe Orkney News has been privileged to have gained access to the archives of a past alternative newspaper that existed in our islands many years back. With the kind permission of the editor of that renowned publication, P.M. Driver, we are able to publish excerpts.

128 years ago Letters

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the vast rise in savage wrens in my area. I don’t understand why the council can’t sort out the problems. Several of my good friends have had similar experiences, last Wednesday morning my neighbourly chum Mrs Thwarpe put out the rubbish, and by late afternoon it had been taken, we presume by these avian fiends. The problem is really getting out of hand.

Yours Mrs Hwashi, from the town street

p.s. The psychopathic larks are also becoming an issue.


June letter archive

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