Orkney Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club: From Suez to Afghanistan

veterans breakfast 2

Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club (N Morrison)

The monthly  Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast club was held this last Saturday at  “Eats n Treats”. Simon Brodie had been in a few days earlier with his kids. There was some discussion about giving the little girls pink plates— Simon said that was sexist and there should be no distinction or colours between the genders. Much to the  noisy vocal approval of his fellow vets his breakfast was served on a pink childs plate!

 A good working sense of humour is a definite survival trait in the military.

One of our number reckoned that no less than four of the bandsmen in the Trooping of the Colour Parade were her former pupils.

Simon was working out when “The club” had served.  It turned we have served between us from Suez to Afghanistan. When I was asked a fellow vet butted in with ” not in Roman Numerals Nick”. Do I look that old? well bald head and white beard well maybe.

A thoroughly enjoyable Breakfast and good fun.

Reporter: Nick Morrison


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