Stromness British Legion Supporting Charities

Stromness British Legion held a charity Tea and Cakes afternoon this last Saturday. The Charities being supported were the British Legion Poppy appeal and the Erskine Hospital. This latter is a bit too close to home as I have been in a Military Hospital which has now been closed as part of the Government cuts to the armed Forces. Military hospitals provide a valuable role in treating wounded or accident injured service people. They recover faster and are far more mentally comfortable, it’s the same factors at play with us civies, unless your condition requires hospital based procedures/monitoring we all recover faster at home.

Legion 2

Stromness British Legion ( N Morrison)

It was unfortunately a poor day for them alternating between drizzle and “Chucking it down”. However folk were still coming in to partake of the “goodies”. There was a good spread of cakes and scones (how did they know I am fond of ginger cake?) with individual fresh brewed pots of tea. We were also entertained by young Jayden Taylor who sang to us. Her rendition of Caledonia was quite moving.  I think we will be hearing more from her in the future.

Well done Stromness British Legion.


Stromness British Legion ( N Morrison)

Reporter: Nick Morrison

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