Funding Boost to Renewables

Offshore wind has been given a funding boost from the Scottish Government today (Thursday) with the announcement of a £1.5 million award to the Carbon Trust’s world-leading research, development, and demonstration programme – the Offshore Wind Accelerator.

“In July 2016, the Carbon Trust revealed details of its new European phase of its OWA. This was enhanced by an initial £1.5 million of funding from the Scottish Government for the first year. Today’s announcement markets a renewed investment for a second year to continue to support further the progress of offshore wind energy in Scotland.” (Carbon Trust)

The £1.5 million will be used to fund a range of projects to explore the potential benefits of offshore wind for Scotland. Funding will also go to projects designed to facilitate and encourage international collaboration and knowledge sharing between offshore wind developers, in order to tackle some industry-wide problems, and stimulate innovation in the sector.

“With the support of Scottish Government, the programme has succeeded in significantly reducing the costs of offshore wind and provided opportunities for the UK supply chain. The OWA’s approach is today seen as a world-leading model for collaboration between the public and private sectors to bring a technology to commercial competitiveness.” (Carbon Trust)

Energy Minister in the Scottish Government, Paul Wheelhouse, said:

“The potential benefits of offshore wind energy in Scotland are enormous, which is why the Scottish Government is committed to its development. By continuing to invest in it, not only are we stimulating economic change for the better, but we’re also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland and helping to fight the impacts of climate change.”

Jan Matthiesen, Director, the Carbon Trust said:

“The Scottish Government’s £1.5 million investment into the programme, alongside investments by nine of the biggest developers in Europe, shows there is real confidence in the ability of the OWA to continue to deliver further cost reductions. This signals continuing support and investment into a programme that has helped to reduce the costs of offshore wind and helped to pave the way towards a subsidy free energy source.” 

The Carbon Trust is a worldwide independent organisation. The Carbon Trust Green Energy Fund supports small and medium sized companies to be more energy efficient and reduce costs.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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