Funding Boost to the Orkney Fishing Industry

Several fishing and marine related projects in Orkney have benefitted from the latest round of funding from the European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and the Scottish Government.

A major upgrade of the harbour at Pierowall in Westay costing in total £ 2,781,973.57 is to receive £1,675,029.77 from the EMFF and £1,106,943.80 from Orkney Islands Council.

Danny Harcus, Chair of Westray Community Council, said:

“This is a very welcome project. The harbour is very busy and plays a huge role in the sustainability of our community, the various fisheries and the many associated businesses that depend on them.”

“Our shellfish and salmon fisheries employ a great number of folk, directly and indirectly, who live in Westray and contribute to our economy.”

“This investment in harbour improvements will provide safer berthing in the winter time, which is vital now with the increased number of boats using the harbour on a year round basis. It will provide a firm foundation supporting fisheries activity for generations to come.”

The project, delivered locally by Andrew Sinclair, will include a 10 metre extension to the breakwater at the harbour entrance, raising piers around the harbour by just under a metre, and a range of measures to improve safety and the day-to-day operation of the harbour, including the installation of new lighting, fire hydrants and ladders.

Other projects in Orkney to benefit are:

  • Orkney Mussels Limited:Orkneyfisheries liferaft project:£5,523.69 (EMFF) £1,841.24 (Scot Gov)
  • KY Fishing: Safety Equipment:£442.80 (EMFF) £147.60 (Scot Gov)
  • Private Individual: Safety: £632.88 (EMFF) £210.96 (Scot Gov)
  • EManson Fishing: Safety: £1,503.49 (EMFF) £501.17 (Scot Gov)

A full list of the awards can be found here

musselsThe latest round of the European and Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) in co-operation with the Scottish Government will deliver 86 projects which will help businesses to upgrade or modernise their equipment across Scotland coming in at  £8.4 million.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame






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