Maree Todd MSP and Charities Call to Halt Roll Out of Universal Credit

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP, united with Labour and Green MSPs during a debate in the Scottish Parliament this week to demand the UK government immediately halts the roll out of Universal Credit.

In a joint public letter published in the Times, 24 third sector organisations called for the rollout of universal credit to be halted in Scotland because of “significant flaws” in the system. The motion for debate referred to the public letter, and received support from SNP, Labour, and Green MSPs.

Maree Todd MSP said;

“I have been raising concerns about universal credit for some time now and was delighted that the Scottish Government called for a halt to the rollout back in March.

“I really welcome the broad civic and cross party support for this call, and hope that it will finally make the UK Government take notice of the devastating impact universal credit is having on families.”

Maree Todd represents the Highlands and Islands region and Inverness and some rural areas in Highland were part of the trial area for universal credit.

The SNP MSP went on to say:

Maree Todd MSP

Maree Todd

“Universal credit roll-out in the Highlands has been a colossal failure.

“We are seeing a Dickensian social policy disaster, with families being forced into poverty and debt.

“Any politician worth their salt would realise that this system needs to be halted immediately.

“Just how many more people must suffer before the UK government accepts that the system, as it currently stands, is deeply flawed?”

The debate on the roll out of Universal Credit can be found here.

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