Orkney International Science Festival

Mary Beith Memorial lecture

Orkney Science Festival

Mary Beith Memorial Lecture (N Morrison)

Anna Canning gave a talk on Mary’s work on old Highland remedies.

In former times much of medicine was home collected and used only going to a Beith or Beaton as the practitioners were called for more serious ailments.

Some are still in use today. Chickweed,daisy, St Johns Wort,Docken were but some that members of the audience had used. Anna had prepared a table full of plants and plant preparations which attracted much interest after her  wonderfully informative talk.

Printing the Future

Bill Graham of the T-Exchange makerspace described 3D printing. It offers an exciting glimpse into a much reduced waste level in manufacturing. Much of current manufacturing is termed Subtractive manufacturing since you take a solid piece of wood for example and cut pieces off it till you get the shape you want like say a chair leg. At the same time you wind up with a pile of waste offcuts and shavings/sawdust. 3D printing works with a thread of plastic which looks like heavy strimmer line and only uses as much as is required for the job in hand. 3D printing can also work with metal powders as feedstock

There is a rarely unique chance to see 2 of these “printers” this Saturday at the Science festival family day in the King St Hall along with an Electron microscope, cloud chambers,trying a RasberryPi, Marine plastics, et al.

Reporter: Nick Morrison 

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