Presiding Officer of Scottish Parliament: Gaelic Matters

The Scottish Parliament has launched on online survey to gather views from the public on its next Gaelic Language Plan.

Ken MacIntosh the Presiding Officer said:

“Gaelic matters. Whether or not you are Highland-born like me, it is part of who we are and part of Scotland’s rich cultural identity.”

“The Scottish Parliament recognises Gaelic’s special status and that’s reflected in our laws, and in the Gaelic services we offer people when visiting Holyrood and engaging with the Parliament.”

“That’s why we are launching two surveys about our Gaelic services – a quick and easy one to tell us briefly what you think, and a more detailed one about our Gaelic Language plan that covers our approach for the next five years.”

“Do Phàrlamaid, do chànain, thoir dhuinn do bheachdan. It’s your Parliament, your Gaelic, tell us your views.”

You Tube link : Do Phàrlamaid, do Ghàidhlig, Do Ghuth, tha an t-Oifigear Riaghlaidh ag ràdh

Scottish Parliament

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For the quick online survey:  in English or Gàidhlig

For the formal consultation: in English or Gàidhlig.

Find out more about the Scottish Parliament’s Gaelic services here.


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