First for Local Charity THAW

St. James’s Place Foundation Supporting Local Charities in Orkney

Local fuel poverty charity, THAW, have achieved a first for Orkney. The St. James Place Foundation provide grant funding to registered charities within the UK and have been supporting those in need in the UK since 1992 and have just awarded their first ever grant to a charity within Orkney.

The donation of £1,000 will go towards enhancing THAW’s local services to help make a difference and support local householders in fuel poverty. THAW is pleased with the generous award and thank Billy Elliot for his help regarding the application process.

THAW award

left to right pictured in the photograph are: Kate Fereday Eshete, THAW Project Administrator,Billy Elliott, Financial Adviser with Gregor Howitt Wealth Management,Stacy Johnston, THAW Senior Development and Support Officer,Peter Rickard, THAW Manager


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