Cooking with Austerity: Chicken Cacciatore, Sausage Casserole & Colcannon Mash

chefChris helps you to cook a healthy meal for 4 people for under £5.

You can view the video here

What it will cost you in ingredients

Colcannon Mash

  • 59p cabbage
  • £1.39 potatoes
  • 30p cheese

Chicken Cacciatore

  • 89p 3 chicken thighs
  • 29p tin of tomatoes
  • 10p onions
  • 10p garlic
  • 30p olives
  • 20p capers
  • 5p tomato paste
  • red wine (optional)

Sausage Casserole

  • 29p tin of tomatoes
  • £1.00  8 sausages
  • 10p onions
  • 10p carrots
  • 20p mushrooms




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  1. Colcannon – that takes me back. One of my Dad’s favourite meals. My parents were both from Irish peasant farmer stock, so, when they were growing up, potatoes played a big part in their diet, and ways to liven them up a bit, were very welcome, which I think is why Colcannon (or ‘Callie’ as Dad called it), was invented. He liked the potato and cabbage mashed together, then made into a hollow and a blob of butter put in the middle of the hollow – you then get a forkful of callie, and dip it in the butter – which is more tasty than it sounds. An alternative was onions mixed with the potato.
    This really does take me back.
    They didn’t see it as ‘austerity’, it was just how they had to live, and, even when they had moved to England and times weren’t so hard, they still used a lot of the old recipes. One recipe of Dad’s which I could never stand the smell of was giblet soup. Yes, it is what it sounds like – he’d make a soup out the giblets from a chicken. ‘Waste not, want not’. Then he’d complain that the curries I made, smelt too strong!
    Imagine what giblet soup smells like……….

    • I use the giblets from the Turkey for my Christmas soup still, it’s the same recipe as the chicken soup I posted, num num.

  2. All ingredients bought from Aldi in Southside Glasgow. Can’t see why there would be any price variance. Prices are clearly marked on video piece.

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