Funding For Scotland/Malawi Projects

The Scottish Government Malawi Development Programme  has a new round of funding for over 4 years. Projects which would be applicable for funding would be around the following themes:

Scotland Malawi Renewables

Scotland Malawi Renewables

  • Health
  • Civil Society and Governance
  • Education (General)
  • Higher Education
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Renewable Energy

International Development Minister, in the Scottish Government,  Alasdair Allan said:

“Scotland continues to have a special link with the people of Malawi. For over 150 years Scots have worked with the people of the country, assisting them develop their education and health systems.”

“On this day twelve years ago, we signed the Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Malawi which established the Malawi Development Fund and our International Development programme.”

“In this time we have invested over £54 million in the Malawi Development Programme and today’s announcement reflects the special and enduring relationship our two nations have enjoyed.”

For more information or to apply follow the link at the start of the article.

Malawi psychiatry funding

L-R – Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister for International Development and Europe – Professor John Saka, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malawi. Malawi psychiatry funding


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